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  • Via Vernea, 137/7 Nichelino - Torino
  • +39 0116800774
  • Via Vernea, 137/7 - 10042 Nichelino TO - Tel.: +39 0116800774 - Fax: +39 0116273532


Piedmontese company born in Nichelino (Turin)
It has succeeded in establishing itself on the market becoming a trusted partner of the most important Italian and international manufacturers: The first collaboration Was with Mobilvetta, followed by Laika, Rimor, Trianano Italia, Trigano Francia, Adria Italia e Adria Francia, SEA Group and so on.
It all started by chance: motocross was the owner’s, EDI Bove, passion When He Was a teenager. His father had a welding garage to better transport his motorcycle, and Edi behooved himself creating the first motor rack coupling device. The product was soon patented and followed its footsteps.
At first the production was only destined to private buyers: but the product appeared to be so functional that he soon started to cooperate with camper producers. The large-scale production of bike racks and motor racks coupling devices started in 1982, creating partnerships with many enduro and motocross teams. He also settled up the collaboration with Dimatec, that provided with wall-bike racks. Since its beginnings, the company felt really involved in the market evolution, creating innovative and practical solutions based on market demands. That is why in 1985 he focused on producing chassis motor tracks that were retractable, suspending the wall- bike racks; by 1996 the production was only centered on the motor racks. Since a few years, after the simplification of the European certification, offers, when possible, motor tracks to trusted installers. also produces chassis bike racks for vans and motor caravans, motobox for garages with a ramp, and related products. The strength of the company is the extreme attention and the thorough cure it puts in the production of every single component; a significant part of the work is hand-made and customizable, following criterias vowed to satisfy the customer’s needs with high quality products. That is why’s solutions are worldwide certified.
What will surprise you is that the quality and the professionalism is guaranteed by an eight-people staff, hardly motivated and strongly committed to give their best for the customers’ good.

Via Vernea, 137/7 - 10042 Nichelino TO
Tel.: 0039 011.680.07.74
Fax: 0039 011.627.35.32

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